XacSecurity LLC


XacSecurity LLC was established in 2002 as a security division of XacBank LLC. Upon extension of the activity and requirement of the General Police Authority, XacSecurity LLC was licensed to provide security services to branches and units of Xa Bank LLC in Ulaanbaatar and other aimags.

The operations of XacSecurity LLC is limited by XacBank LLC’s service demand. There has been no assumption of its business extension, and a Business plan was not submitted by the company. There is also limited information of the sector in which the company is operating, thus the business value is recognized at its carrying value of owner’s equity.

Finance (MNT)

Total current assets 53,225,085 43,146,393 46,984,156 49,967,032
Total non-current assets 103,777,866 90,032,151 78,850,405 148,114,270
Total assets 157,002,952 133,178,544 125,834,562 198,081,302
Total liability 91,088,835 43,917,086 4,839,163 28,515,140
Owner’s equity 65,914,117 87,261,458 120,995,398 169,566,162
Liability and owner’s equity 157,002,952 131,178,544 125,834,562 198,081,302
Net cash flow - 1,404,000 (3,347) (11,387,163)
Income after taxes 15,720,839 21,155,000 33,733,941 48,570,763
ROE 23.9% 24.2% 27.9% 28.6%
EIT offers a compelling story and definite growth potential to investors as a strong player
in the finance and real estate sector in one of the world’s most rapidly expanding economies